DDos and harmful data attacks have been the most common outside driven cyber threats during the past decade. DDos attacks are commonly cross border activity which hinders and inhibits forensic work. Additionally, attacks are costly with estimations running in the ten of thousands per hour. We are here to help you with this problem.

The solution to securing your network

Troubleshooting and
Auditing Malicious Data

Network troubleshooting and auditing is a key area of our business. We have immense knowledge on all network and also application related problems, and we are sure that we can help you.

Network Topology Design

Let us design and protect your network with zero change to your current network topology or management. Be it at home or your place of business, we promise to house you with a stable, reliable and actively protecting network design, which you can always trust.

Network Active Response Protection

With the newest patented, defending and protecting technology we can terminate malicious data traffic in just seconds. We also provide passive protecting systems to your data networks.


Hardware and software, which we use to conduct network monitoring, analysis and protection.


Response software independent from hardware


Latency control software, hardware independent

High Scale Packet Flow Switches

Network monitoring to maximise security

Packet Brokering Systems and TAPs

with Garland Technology


  • 2013

    Research, Development and Patenting

    Research and development of DDefender system starts prior to the founding of the company in 2013. Patents for technology are granted in 2014 and 2015.

  • 2016

    Founding the Company

    BouncePoint Oy is founded in 2016 after fruitful and successful trials of prelimenary DDos techonology and begins further developing malicious traffic monitoring and active response systems.

  • 2017

    First Seed Investment

    A seed investment is issued by Tekes (Business Finland) in 2016-2017, and the first live installation is in 2017. The technology in DDefender is now patented with multiple patents.

  • 2019

    Where We Are Today

    BouncePoint Oy provides network protection systems for all organizations and businesses. The company's clients are normally large to mid-sized companies. Commonly, these companies make business in sectors which demand and require the most secure networks, such as the industry, energy production, financing, military and public services. DDefender monitors, analyses, actively responses and protects companies’ networks against all types of malicious data traffic.

The People

We want to secure your network with the newest patented active and passive response technology.

Jarmo Rouvinen



Over 27 years of experience in network analytics and the security business

Teppo Kettula


Business Development

Client relations and administration

Juha Okkonen



Sami Nikulainen

Chief Network Architect
Network Topology

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